Supported Independent Living Providers Improve Your Quality Of Life

Supported independent living (SIL) is a specialised care service for people who require additional assistance with daily tasks. It is one of the best solutions to help those in need while ensuring they retain as much independence as possible. If you – or someone close to you – are struggling to live life to the fullest due to a disability or other problem, working with trusted SIL providers can drastically improve your quality of life.

At Soteria Independent Living, we constantly strive to provide the best SIL arrangements for those in need. This includes giving you access to a wide range of NDIS housing across Australia, offering the most optimal living conditions you could wish for. You’re able to live independently in fully accessible homes that allow all the privacy you need. At the same time, there’s constant support available to assist with troublesome tasks that you struggle with.

Working with SIL providers like ourselves can be life-changing. But if you’re still not convinced, here are some ways your life can change for the better with supported independent living:

Be As Independent As You Want To Be

Living with a disability can present many daily challenges that make you feel dependent on others for help. You worry that the only solution is to move into a specialist care home, but this makes you fear for your independence.

Instead, SIL providers will ensure you maintain as much independence as possible. You have a home that’s made for you and is kitted out with equipment to ensure you can handle lots of common tasks. This could include handrails on walls to help you move around on your own – or wider doorways with ramps for wheelchair access.

You’re able to do whatever you feel capable of doing, yet there’s still constant support if you need it. Supported independent living gives the perfect blend of both worlds so you never feel alone and helpless.

Receive Support That’s Tailored To Your Needs

As mentioned above, supported independent living arrangements will provide you with regular support. Houses can come with 24/7 support staff, all of whom will be qualified to handle a range of different tasks.

The best part is, they will assist you with whatever you want. Support is tailored to your needs so it doesn’t feel overwhelming and you aren’t stopped from doing things yourself. Some of the things you’ll get help with include:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Managing medication
  • Household chores
  • Financial management
  • Transportation to other places
  • Bathing, grooming & other personal care tasks

It’s completely up to you how much care and support you receive, which enables you to live life to the fullest. You maintain as much independence as possible, yet can reach out for help to tackle some of the harder tasks in life.

Develop Your Daily Living Skills

SIL providers do more than simply assist you with daily tasks. At the same time, you will get support and help to develop and hone your own daily living skills.

Having a disability can mean it’s harder for you to do things that others can do with ease. Likewise, if you’ve obtained a disability later in life, there are tasks you used to do that now you struggle with. Our supported independent living arrangements will give you access to carers and support staff that will sit and help you improve certain skills.

This can include helping you move independently again or teaching you how to get dressed or brush your teeth. With regular support and guidance, you can slowly regain control & freedom.

Receive Financial Assistance From The NDIS

The NDIS is already helping around 600,000 Australians across the country in one way or another. SIL living providers like ourselves can offer housing arrangements that are covered by this scheme. In essence, it means you can gain funding to pay for these new living arrangements and the support provided.

This decreases a lot of the financial strain as you no longer have to worry about affording care for yourself (or a loved one). You will enjoy a home that’s well-equipped to deal with your unique disability needs without breaking the bank.

Overall, SIL providers can give you a new opportunity to regain and retain your independence. If you’d like to learn more about supported independent living, contact Soteria today. We’re happy to book you in for a consultation where we can explain everything in more detail and outline a plan of action to help you get the support you need.