NDIS Housing Adelaide

NDIS Housing Adelaide

Soteria provides NDIS housing solutions across Adelaide’s suburbs, so people with disability can live independently in the community. Our exceptional homes are available for SDA, SIL, MDA and STA, and meet a wide range of support needs. 

As a disability service in South Australia, we provide accommodation for people with disability. We offer:

Comfortable homes – you’ll have your own private bedroom and space for yourself, big and bright common areas, recreation spaces, modern kitchens and bathrooms, WiFi, air conditioning, quality appliances, and safety features. 

Convenient locations – our homes are well-located, close to shopping centres, medical facilities, public transportation, parks, and restaurants. You’ll have everything you need nearby.

Community living – enjoy living with well-suited housemates in a supportive community. Everyone is welcomed and appreciated, and you’ll have the chance to learn new skills, make friends, and participate in community activities.

A team of dedicated professionals – with plenty of experience and knowledge in disability care, our staff will help you with daily tasks, teach you independent living skills, and help take care of your needs.

Our NDIS Housing Options

Soteria’s NDIS accommodation in Adelaide includes:

For more information or to register interest in the house please call 1300 835 514 or email enquiries@soteria-il.com.au

About Us

Soteria Independent Living helps people with disability live independently in the community. Our innovative housing solutions ensure NDIS participants have everything they need to enjoy quality of life. We put you first, and work collaboratively with you (and your support network) to find the right place for your unique needs.

Our local teams provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Personal care (e.g. help getting dressed and bathing)
  • Assistance with daily living (e.g. household chores and grocery shopping)
  • 24-hour care and supervision
  • Specialised support for those with high care needs
  • Skills development (e.g. catching public transport, managing your finances)
  • Community engagement and social activities
  • Respite care to give loved ones a break
  • Transport to appointments and activities
  • Medication management
  • Meal management and learning to cook
  • Support to live in an inclusive household where everyone plays their part
  • Implementing behaviour management plans
  • Developing social and communication skills

…and more.

To chat to someone about your unique support needs please get in touch with our experienced care team.

SDA Housing in Adelaide

Soteria’s Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) homes enable you to live independently, while enjoying the things you love. Our modern and accessible homes cater for a wide range of support needs. We provide:

  • Accessibility features to help you be independent
  • Robust and resilient buildings that are safe to live in
  • Specialised support for NDIS participants with high care needs
  • Communication and assistive technology
  • Implementing behaviour management plans
  • Conveniently located SDA accommodation in Adelaide suburbs
  • Modern kitchens and bathrooms with quality appliances
  • Attentive customer service with quick response times

To learn more about NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation in Adelaide, please get in touch with our disability care experts. We’ll provide you with a free consultation, where we can discuss your unique needs.

What are the different types of Specialist Disability Accommodation available?

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is a disability home that is designed to accommodate someone who is living with disability, and needs a significant amount of support in day-to-day life. 

The NDIS provides five different types of Specialist Disability Accommodation, to suit different needs.  Offering different types of housing allows people and their families to plan for the future, and get the support they need without losing their connections to the community. 

The different building categories for SDA homes are:

  • Improved Liveability – this type of housing has features that make it easier for people with disabilities to live comfortably. It may include things like accessible entrances, grab bars in the bathroom, and adjustable kitchen counters that are easier to use.
  • Fully Accessible: These homes are designed for people who use wheelchairs or have physical challenges. They have wide doors, spacious rooms, wheelchair-friendly bathrooms, and continuous pathways throughout the house. The kitchen surfaces are also lowered for easier access, and the hallways are spacious.
  • Robust Housing – this type of housing is built to be strong and secure, suitable for people with challenging behaviours or high-risk needs. The walls are reinforced, doors are secure, and the flooring is resistant. It may also have durable furniture, controlled access, alarm systems, sensory features, and calming spaces to provide a safe and stable environment.
  • High Physical Support – this housing is for people with significant functional impairments who require a lot of assistance and specialised equipment. It may include features such as ceiling hoists, adjustable beds, specialised equipment, communication technology, and space for on-site support staff to ensure their needs are met.
  • Specialist Disability Accommodation for very high support needs – this type of housing is specifically designed for individuals with extremely complex support requirements and severe physical impairments. It has highly specialised designs, equipment, and technology to meet their unique needs and provide the highest level of support.

Do you require SDA NDIS in Adelaide? Soteria provides plenty of NDIS SDA in Adelaide suburbs, to meet individual needs. To learn more about Adelaide NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation, please get in touch for a free consultation with our disability care team.

Supported Independent Living in Adelaide

Do you need assistance with daily tasks? Would you like to live independently, but need a team to make it happen?

Soteria’s SIL homes (Supported Independent Living) may be just what you need. Our team will help you live independently in the community by providing vital care services, helping you learn valuable skills, and giving you opportunities to participate in community life.

Our SIL NDIS Adelaide services include:

  • Personal care assistance
  • Medication management
  • Meal preparation
  • Grocery shopping assistance
  • Assistance with household jobs
  • Learning valuable life skills
  • Social activities and engaging with the community
  • Transport to your appointments and activities
  • Managing appointments and scheduling healthcare services
  • Support for education and work
  • Maintaining healthy routines and self-care practices

As SIL providers in Adelaide, Soteria helps people with disability live independently in the community, with all the support they need. To learn more about accessing SIL NDIS in Adelaide, please get in touch with our customer service team. 

How is SDA different from SIL?

If you’re new to the NDIS, you may have heard the terms Supported Independent Living and Specialist Disability Accommodation, and wondered what they mean. SIL and SDA both assist people living with disability, but differently. Supported Independent Living (SIL) provides the support services you need to live independently, while Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) provides special housing for those who have a level of support needs.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) provides services that help you do things in everyday life, such as assistance with personal care (e.g. showering and getting dressed), help with cooking and housework chores, transport, and skills for daily living. Many NDIS participants access SIL while living in a group home or shared accommodation, SIL funding is flexible and can be used in different types of living situations, based on what best meets your needs.  This means that you can access SIL while living at home with your family, living on your own, or in a group home.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is funding that covers the cost of living in a home that designed to meet your support needs. It is intended for people who require a high level of care, and provides special features that enable independence and safety. An SDA may include features such as wheelchair-friendly doorways, ramps, benchtops at appropriate levels, specialised equipment, robust building materials, or assistive technology. SDA funding does not cover supports that you already receive through the NDIS, and is specifically for housing. You can’t use SDA funding to pay for things like rent, utilities, discretionary items, or holidays.

Are you looking for SIL NDIS in Adelaide? Soteria has plenty of SIL quality options that can be personalised to suit your individual support needs. To explore NDIS SIL services in Adelaide, please get in touch with our disability care team. We’re happy to help.

Medium Term Accommodation NDIS in Adelaide

The NDIS provides funding for Medium Term Accommodation (MTA), which helps people with disability find a temporary place to live. This funding covers the cost of accommodation for a period of up to 90 days. However, you will need to show proof that you have a place to move into after the funding period ends.

Soteria’s Medium Term Accommodation provides:

  • a temporary home for those waiting for their permanent accommodation to be ready
  • a supportive place to live while your needs are being assessed
  • support services individualised to your needs, such as daily living assistance and personal care
  • independent living skills development, such as cooking, cleaning and catching public transport
  • fully accessible accommodation with special features to assist those with physical impairment
  • time to plan and make informed decisions about where to live permanently, without being rushed

Soteria provides quality MTA homes which are comfortable, supportive and safe. To discover Medium Term Accommodation NDIS in Adelaide, please get in touch with our disability support team.

Short Term Accommodation NDIS in Adelaide

Soteria offers Short Term Accommodation (STA) for NDIS participants who want to stay somewhere different and have a break from their usual home. Our accommodation is modern and cosy, designed to provide a comfortable space for you to relax and try new things. Enjoy living close to all amenities, while your carer has a chance to take a break, recharge, or attend to other responsibilities.

Our STA homes provide:

  • A relaxing place where you can enjoy a change of scenery
  • Fully accessibility, with features designed to meet your support needs
  • A high calibre team on hand to provide assistance with personal care and other activities
  • Opportunities to learn new skills, have fun, and grow your independence
  • Great locations in conveniently located suburbs across Adelaide

Who can access Short Term Accommodation?

Short Term Accommodation (STA) is NDIS-funded accommodation that provides somewhere to stay for a limited amount of time, so you and your loved one can take a break. STA is funded through in the Core Budget of your NDIS plan. This generally covers your accommodation, support with personal care, meals, and other activities agreed upon with your provider.

You might qualify for Short Term Accommodation if:

  • You need a temporary break from your regular home for a short period
  • You want the chance to meet new people and try out different activities
  • Your main caregiver needs a break or will be away for a short time
  • Your health or circumstances have changed, and you need a safe place to stay
  • You’re interested in learning new skills in a friendly and supportive environment

Searching for NDIS Short Term Accommodation providers in Adelaide? Soteria provides Short Term and Medium Term Accommodation in Adelaide suburbs, where you can be supported away from your home. To learn more, please get in touch with our disability care team. We’re here to help.

Disability group homes in Adelaide

Soteria offers modern and inclusive disability homes in Adelaide, where you can live away from your family as part of a friendly household, while receiving all the supports you need for daily life. We select housemates that are a good fit, and our qualified support workers are on hand to meet people’s needs.

  • Enjoy your own private bedroom, and style it to suit your taste
  • Relax in open common areas where you can do the things you enjoy
  • Be included in a warm and friendly household
  • Try social activities and new hobbies, and engage with the community
  • Learn skills that enhance your independence
  • Engage in enjoyable social activities that also help you develop new skills
  • Be supported by our experienced support workers for daily life
  • Convenient locations in various suburbs across Adelaide, close to everything you need.

What is a group home?

A disability group home is a specialised household where NDIS participants can enjoy living together while receiving support for daily life. The home is usually run by an NDIS disability service provider that takes care of the residents’ needs. Staff members who have been trained to support individuals with disabilities are present to offer help and care while also encouraging independence. 

Keen to live in a supportive household where you can learn independent living skills? To find the ideal group home in Adelaide, please get in touch with our disability care team. We’re happy to assist.

Complex Care in Adelaide

Complex care is extra support for people with complicated disability care needs, including challenging health conditions or disabilities that may impact parts of daily life. It involves dealing with many different needs, such as medical care, behaviour support, help with communication, therapy, personal care, or organising different healthcare services, the need for special equipment, therapy sessions, respite care. 

Complex care requires support workers and healthcare professionals who are especially trained to provide quality support. That’s where Soteria’s expert team comes in. We’re experienced at meeting NDIS complex support needs in Adelaide, and can provide:

  • Complex bowel care and stoma care
  • PEG feeding (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy)
  • Tracheostomy care and ventilation
  • Catheter assistance
  • Diabetes management and care for other chronic diseases
  • Administering medication through injections
  • Mealtime management
  • Manual handling and assistance with mobility
  • Clinical care for complex needs
  • Seizure monitoring and assistance
  • Wound care and pressure care
  • Support to manage challenging behaviours
  • Personal care tasks
  • Social support and community engagement

To learn more about NDIS complex care and accessible housing options in Adelaide, please get in touch with our local support team. We’re here to assist with your needs, any time.

High Care in Adelaide

Soteria provides quality support services for people with high care needs. We’ll support your health and wellbeing, so you can live independently in your local community and enjoy life to the full. 

Our team of highly qualified and experienced healthcare professionals and support workers in Adelaide offer NDIS high intensity support that you can trust. Our team will ensure you have everything you need to be safe and well, while supporting you to do things for yourself.

We provide:

  • Bowel care and stoma care
  • PEG feeding (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy)
  • Tracheostomy care and ventilation
  • Daily catheter maintenance
  • Administering medication through injections
  • Manual handling and assistance with mobility
  • Clinical care for complex needs
  • Management of chronic conditions (e.g. diabetes)
  • Seizure monitoring and assistance
  • Wound care and pressure care
  • Support to manage challenging behaviours
  • Personal care assistance
  • Social support and community engagement

What is High Care support?

High care under the NDIS means providing a significant amount support to people with complex needs. It’s for participants who need a high level of assistance with things like personal care, moving around, taking medication, and managing their health. This can include support workers, nursing supports, equipment, therapies, and other services that are necessary for their specific needs.

Need High Intensity Supports NDIS in Adelaide? Soteria’s experienced and compassionate teams of disability care workers can help you live independently, right in your local community. To find out more about disability housing options, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team. We’re here to help.


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