How To Regain Control & Freedom With NDIS Independent Living

Living with disabilities will inevitably impact your life, but it needn’t stop you from enjoying a great quality of life. NDIS independent living could be the perfect solution that allows you to maintain control, freedom, and fulfilment without compromising your health or happiness.

Research shows that over 1 in 3 people living with disabilities will complete year 12 while over 11% of people with severe disabilities are in full-time employment. Here’s how NDIS independent living can empower you and help maximise your potential in many different areas of life.

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Use NDIS SIL to build a platform

When looking at NDIS group homes, it’s not just a property. It’s a home. Therefore, it will have a huge impact on virtually every part of your life. Sharing a facility with other people living with disabilities can be comforting and establish mutually beneficial connections. Insights can be shared to help you overcome daily obstacles.

Furthermore, NDIS homes can be found in all of Australia’s major cities. Living in the region that you wish to live in, whether due to family ties or desires to have specific job opportunities, can instantly help you regain control of your prospects. Receiving the right SIL services will only take this feeling to new heights.

Remove some of the financial strain

Nobody should feel unable to gain the ongoing assisted living support they need due to a lack of money. NDIS independent living opens the door to funding for eligible candidates, which ensures you have access to the surroundings of a specifically designed property without encountering costs.

Almost 600,000 Australians are now supported by the NDIS scheme in some shape or form. While securing much-needed assistance with various support areas is the priority, the ability to lift a weight of financial stress from your shoulders can be life-changing. Not least because you won’t have to spend a fortune on making a property more accessible.

Build a home that reflects your personal tastes

A specifically designed NDIS independent living property will have been adapted to include features for added independence. This can range from wider door frames to ramps and accessible baths. Unlike many other living arrangements, though, NDIS SIL properties become your home. In turn, this means the interior design can be adjusted too.

The ability to select the right furniture, colour schemes, or decor will strengthen the relationship enjoyed with the property. A home blessed with character will highlight the fact that you are living life on your terms. Following this, you will gain the skills and mindset needed to do this outside of the property too.

Use NDIS supported independent living to learn skills

NDIS independent living carers don’t merely want to provide care for various daily activities. Crucially, they want to supervise daily tasks with a view to helping you develop the skills needed to lead a more independent life. While the qualified professionals remain available, individuals find that they are far less dependent.

The life skills can subsequently aid home lives, relationships, and careers. At Soteria, supported independent living is further enhanced by access to vehicles that allow you to attend appointments and daily schedules with freedom. Once again, the goal is to remove dependence and help you regain control of your life.

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Gain care that evolves with your needs

When seeking assisted living arrangements, it’s not only important to find quality care. More importantly, the support must be tailored to you. For the best results, this must extend to the concept of assistance changing over time. It is one of the main reasons why NDIS independent living is the most practical solution.

In some cases, this could mean adding new service areas if physical disabilities cause worsening mobility issues. However, as you develop an added sense of independence and self-confidence, it will often mean that some SIL service areas can be dropped. This puts individuals in control while also promoting the peace of mind they deserve.

Enjoy a balance of privacy and community 

A comfortable home living situation is the key ingredient in the recipe for a better quality of life. NDIS independent living provides the perfect setting, and not only because the properties are tailored to suit your needs. Equally crucial is the fact that it builds a good support network without obstructing your privacy.

NDIS independent living dwellings include properties for small groups as well as some for individual occupants. When looking at the former, you’ll still have private rooms as well as communal areas, which are shared with other people that have SIL needs. This creates a setting where independence and sociability are both enjoyed.

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