How Can NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation Help You Unlock A Better Quality Of Life?

If you or a loved one is living with a disability, finding the best living arrangement is an essential step on the road to a healthier and happier future. NDIS specialist disability accommodation is an increasingly popular choice that could be the perfect solution for you.

It is estimated that 4.4 million Australian residents are currently living with a disability. While many do not require assisted care, those who do may find that NDIS specialist disability accommodation is the best option.

ndis supported independent living

What is NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation?

NDIS specialist disability accommodation, also known as SDA, is a range of “housing designed for people with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs” operated under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Properties are designed with accessible features to promote increased independence for participants.

SDA properties may house a single person living with high-level disabilities, but are more commonly designed to support a small group of people under the supported independent living arrangements (SIL) scheme. NDIS specialist disability accommodation designs are built to;

  • Give individuals access to care while simultaneously promoting greater independence than other care arrangements.
  • Help supported independent living arrangements (SIL) carers gain added flexibility to improve the level of care provided.

It should also be noted that builders and architects can use the SDA design for guidance when building suitable housing for people with disabilities. In turn, NDIS specialist disability accommodation houses are aligned with the needs of people living with high support needs.

Who can benefit from NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation?

Anybody living with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs could benefit from an NDIS specialist disability accommodation arrangement. An applicant may be deemed eligible due to physical or intelligence-based disabilities that cause the individual to require help in multiple support areas, including;

Dysphagia supports
Respiratory supports
Nutrition supports
Diabetes management supports
Continence supports
Wound and pressure care supports
Podiatry supports
Epilepsy supports

If unsure about potential eligibility, Soteria can provide guidance. In the meantime, several case studies can provide valuable insight. Eligible participants will gain funding to cover their NDIS specialist disability accommodation but will be responsible for their supported independent living arrangements (SIL).

How does NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation help participants?

The main purpose of NDIS specialist disability accommodation is to deliver supported independent living arrangements (SIL) and ultimately help individuals enjoy a better quality of life. Here are some of the key reasons why it can be the key to next-level living for eligible participants:

It creates a support network

NDIS specialist disability accommodation is available in multiple locations across Australia ranging from Newcastle to Port Arthur, which gives candidates an opportunity to enjoy SIL services while still close to their family without depending on them. More importantly, though, living with a small group of other participants establishes an ongoing support network.

Participants can subsequently feel the benefits of social connections with people that understand the challenges. Where appropriate, they can assist each other with daily tasks.

The homes are designed with accessibility in mind

For many people living with disabilities, a lack of accessible features remains the biggest hurdle standing between them and a more independent lifestyle. Homes under the NDIS SDA scheme are built specifically with disability living in mind. From modified bathrooms and kitchens to stairlifts or wider hallways, the updates unlock a better quality of life.

Daily activities ranging from bathing to meal preparation or simply stepping out into the garden can subsequently become far simpler. It will unlock a greater level of happiness.

Homes also provide other comforts for independent living

Accessibility features aren’t the only type of modification that may be seen in SDA homes. They can include provisions focused on physical, sensory, and cognitive requirements. Sensory responsive lighting for individuals living with autism is one example. But there are many other adaptations for the home to consider.By finding a home that has the right precautions in place, it is possible to create far more comfortable surroundings. You will also find that self-confidence levels improve.

It means receiving the right SIL care

Receiving the right SIL supported independent living arrangements is a key component for anyone seeking assisted home care. When living in NDIS specialist disability accommodation, the best support is guaranteed. That is because it will come from dedicated experts, like Soteria, who understand the unique requirements and have experience across all relevant fields.

More significantly, it ensures that care comes from providers that can empathise with your individual needs and show the compassion needed to deliver the desired levels of support.

Daily routines are improved

NDIS specialist disability accommodation doesn’t only deliver more suitable settings. Crucially, it builds a strong platform for regaining a sense of control in daily life. The housing reflects your unique needs. When combined with access to line-of-sight care, daily activities are far less time-consuming and stressful. This leaves more time for enjoying life.

Moreover, knowing what to expect from daily routines translates to an enhanced quality of life. The benefits can be seen with immediate effect and last a lifetime.

Learn more about NDIS SDA housing today

If you or a loved one could be eligible for the NDIS SDA scheme, it’s important to act fast. For further information on applications or gaining a placement at one of our dedicated homes, contact Soteria today.