How To Find The Right NDIS Housing Partner In 6 Steps

If you or a loved one is living with a disability, finding the right accommodation and daily support will go a long way to unlocking a better quality of life. NDIS housing is the best solution by far, which is why finding the right NDIS partner should sit at the top of your agenda.

Finding the right NDIS housing delivers a plethora of benefits for people living with disabilities, as well as their families. Here’s how you can find the perfect NDIS housing partner in six simple steps.

Step 1: Understand Your SIL Needs

Before considering your NDIS housing partner options, you must first remember that it’s not just about finding the perceived biggest or best provider. Ultimately, the most important thing is to find one that matches your requirements.

NDIS programmes offer four levels of funding, which is why you must learn how NDIS experts decide how much SIL support you’ll receive. Furthermore, it’s important to consider what types of assistance you’ll require for a comfortable life. This could include; adapted accommodation, personal hygiene care, travel support, financial assistance, help with socialising, or other daily tasks.

Once you have created a list of the support you need and the level of funding that you are likely to gain, it should create a streamlined process when considering possible NDIS housing partners.

Step 2: Find Local NDIS Housing Partners

Some people may be happy to relocate to another state or territory. For most, however, staying local is the preferred route as it results in less upheaval and means that they can stay close to their families. So, the location of any NDIS housing partner will be key.

At Soteria, our nationwide services extend to locations in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, and West Australia. Whether looking for NDIS accommodation and services in Sydney, Perth, or any of our other locations doesn’t matter. You can be certain that you will receive the SIL services from NDIS housing that you can proudly call home for the rest of your life.

Working with a local NDIS housing partner also adds convenience throughout the process ahead. Crucially, the familiarity of staying in your home town can make the transition to new accommodation far easier too.

Step 3: Confirm Trustworthiness

As well as seeking the convenience and suitability of working with a local NDIS housing partner, it is essential that you find a provider that fills you with 100% confidence. A little further research into any shortlisted company is vital.

The good news is that any licenced and registered NDIS provider has completed the Quality and Safeguards Commission application. So, you can be sure that they are a legitimate organisation that shows a degree of professionalism. However, case studies and testimonials should feature in your research. They provide clear insight into how the NDIS housing partner has helped others and shed light on how they could support you too.

In addition to investigating their reputation, you should try to find out how long it will take you to gain your first appointment and discover the length of their waiting lists. This may save you from a lot of headaches later on.

Step 4: Understand NDIS Home Availability

When looking for an NDIS housing provider, there are several issues to consider. However, the availability of suitable properties is the key feature that lays the foundation for success. Without it, all other aspects are rendered somewhat redundant.

Depending on your specific needs or medical requirements, you may be looking for a certain type of accommodation. Likewise, you may be looking for properties that feature popular accessibility features and tailored facilities. The right features should support your health and safety while simultaneously promoting increased independence. Knowing what services the on-site carers or visiting carers offer is another important feature.

Of course, it’s important to consider the availability of suitable homes. An NDIS housing partner who can actively help you start the next chapter of your life in the soonest time should be prioritised. You don’t want to be left waiting years for accommodation.

Step 5: Find A Provider That Helps You Now

When looking at possible NDIS housing partners, it’s also necessary to know that some will only support you once the NDIS financing and SDA housing assessments have been completed. If you’re feeling lost, finding a provider that helps from start to finish is key.

Soteria is a nationwide provider of NDIS housing opportunities that has helped hundreds of people living with disabilities. Our friendly and highly professional teams are familiar with every aspect of the process. As such, we’ll advise you on the next steps regardless of what stage you’re currently at. Aside from helping you to streamline the process, it leaves you with a far greater sense of confidence and optimism.

Whether seeking NDIS housing for yourself or a loved one, the added clarity and direction are sure to lead you to better results. Therefore, a transparent team that is happy to help at every stage of the journey is the difference between a good and greater NDIS partner.

Step 6: Arrange An Appointment 

Completing the steps above should lead you to a reliable and high-quality NDIS housing partner. However, it’s important to remember that gut instincts play a crucial role in any major life decision – and they don’t come much bigger than choosing NDIS accommodation.

An appointment with an NDIS housing partner allows you to learn more about SIL houses, group homes and the SIL situations that this creates. It also enables you to ask questions regarding waiting times, the support provided by carers, and issues like transportation. It is additionally a great opportunity to see whether they’ll help you with the NDIS funding application process or other key assignments that will help you complete the move.

Likewise, it is a chance to build a connection with the NDIS partner. If you can leave the appointment feeling positive, it is a good sign that this is the provider for you. To arrange an appointment with Soteria, call our friendly team today.