Welcome Home: NDIS Housing Success Stories and Inspirations

Living with a disability is often frustrating and complicated. There are countless barriers and hurdles to overcome, which is what the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) wants to tackle. To that end, they’ve introduced NDIS housing.

Also known as supported independent living (SIL) housing, it’s designed to help people with disabilities improve their quality of lives. It also promotes independence and supports people with disabilities to achieve the quality of life they want.

All of this is personalised to a person’s needs and goals, making it much more effective than many of the more traditional alternatives.

While you could know this, you could still feel as though it mightn’t be helpful. You could think there’s no way something can help you live an independent life. That’s not the case.

As more than a few NDIS housing success stories and inspirations show, it can help you more than you’d think. It can help you transform your life, and some success stories can give you all the motivation you need to get there.

It’s worth diving into a few of the more notable of these.

NDIS Housing Success Stories


Middle-aged, Juan has been in and out of motels and boarding houses since his father’s death. Though he was originally quite social, his quality of life began to deteriorate quite quickly. He has impaired decision-making skills and struggles to maintain a household.

This exacerbated the issue, leading to it getting worse and worse in time. That is, until he secured SIL placement with Soteria Independent Living. Since then, he’s seen a significant impact in his independence and overall quality of life.

Not only does he have a safe, permanent home, but he now has no issues planning out his meals, cleaning, and doing other home maintenance tasks. He’s become much more independent than he was when he first secured placement with us.

His is one of the more motivational success stories NDIS housing offers, thanks to how much of a difference there’s been. The change is astonishing, and is a testament to just how much work Juan put into getting there.


Kelsey spent much of her young life living in foster care, though she lived a relatively transient lifestyle after she aged out of the system. During this time, she was consistently in and out of the hospital thanks to ongoing mental health issues.

An underlying intellectual disability exacerbated this all, leading to issues being much more acute. Since moving to Soteria, Kelsey’s mental health issues have eased and she continues to get ongoing support to help with it.

She also keeps on top of her medications while learning to live independently. Living with people of roughly the same age, she’s also social and maintains an active social life inside the home.

Her diagnosis initially suggested Kelsey would never live independently. Since joining our NDIS housing, however, she gets closer and closer to this every way. She’ll be there in no time, especially considering how much progress she’s made so far.


A young adult, Michael was left with nowhere to live after a complex medical condition, so he and his family tried to find something to help. He has complex medical needs, and doesn’t have any language skills, making things even more difficult.

His family tried several options, none of which were great at creating a safe, supportive environment. That’s until Michael and his family came to Soteria Independent Living.

After a comprehensive assessment, we were able to develop an in-depth plan to provide a supportive and comfortable home for Michael. He’s since been in his new home for over a year, and he’s seen much progress.

His communication is improving, and he works with a speech therapist to help. As of now, he’s already communicating through pictures and signs provided by his speech therapist. He’s also receiving ongoing therapeutic support to help improve his overall quality of life and independence.

Benefits of NDIS Housing

Each of these NDIS housing success stories can be more than enough to motivate you to try it. That doesn’t mean you’ll be fully convinced, though. You could need a little extra motivation to completely convince you.

There are plenty of these to choose from, some of the more notable of which include:

  • Independent Living – NDIS housing specialises in helping you live as independently as possible. It’s the most obvious benefit of using it, but it’s always worth re-stating. You could end up living a much more independent life than you could’ve thought.
  • Social Life – Living in NDIS housing often means living with people in similar circumstances to you. You could end up becoming friends with more than a few people, helping you expand your social life.
  • Stable Support – NDIS housing offers you stable and ongoing support, which is often difficult to find in other areas. You could benefit from this much more than you could’ve thought.
  • Personalised Care – All of the support and services you get in an NDIS house is personalised to your needs. You’ll be in a much better position to live an independent life because of that.

These can all be great reasons to try NDIS housing. Add in the motivation that success stories can give you, and you’ll end up living much more independently than you could’ve thought.

You’ve no reason not to try it.

NDIS Housing: Wrapping Up

NDIS housing offers more than a few benefits, all of which can make you consider trying it. That doesn’t mean you’ll always be motivated to actually do it, however. You could think an independent life simply isn’t for you.

That isn’t the case. With the right help and support, you can live a lot more independently than you’d think.

At Soteria Independent Living, we personalise our approach specifically to your needs. Our team of experts are highly trained, friendly, and there to support you whenever you need it. They’re capable of helping, no matter what your needs are.

Get in touch today, and our team will find out how we can help you.