Disability Accommodation Services: 8 Ways They Improve Your Life Quality

Living with a disability will present some challenges, but it should never stop you from enjoying a great quality of life. Professional disability accommodation services from a registered NDIS provider hold the key to success. If you are eligible for them, there has never been a better time to start your application.

Before starting the process of finding the best disability accommodation services, though, it’s important to know what can be gained from them. Here are eight great reasons why disability accommodation services will change your life for the better.

#1. Accommodation Choices That Suit Your Needs

When seeking disability accommodation services through a registered NDIS provider, it’s important to recognise that your choice of home is one of the most significant decisions you’ll ever make. Disability accommodation services allow you to embrace a range of properties including individualised living option (IOL) homes or group homes with supported independent living (SIL). Moreover, homes are available in multiple locations.

After completing the necessary research with the help of your NDIS provider, you should be able to find NDIS accommodation that feels right for you and opens the door to a better future. In the meantime, short and medium-term accommodation is available too.

#2. Accessible Housing

Whichever path you take regarding living setups, you will find that all disability accommodation services support accessibility. Properties can include tailored facilities that are perfectly aligned with your living requirements. As well as items designed to support accessibility, NDIS SIL housing can include features that are designed with medical conditions in mind. Whatever your needs, a suitable property can be found.

When combined with the daily or weekly services provided by care teams, this will set the foundations for a far better quality of life. You spend more time inside the home than in any other setting, and being happy here makes a huge impact.

#3. Independent Living Inside The Home

The benefits of finding the right type of NDIS accommodation in the right location are plentiful. Perhaps most importantly, though, it supports a more independent lifestyle. Accessibility features and NDIS-designed properties should enable you to complete a greater number of daily tasks, such as bathing and preparing meals. And any daily tasks that you do require help with will be taken care of by the experts.

Even when living in a shared property, there will be private personal living quarters too. So, you will retain your privacy and independence in this way. It also means that you won’t have to rely on family members if you don’t want to.

#4. Independent Living Outside Of The Home 

While disability accommodation is designed to support a better home life, disability accommodation services extend to matters outside of the home. Whether it’s through the use of shared disability vehicles or access to local community events, you will be set to enjoy a far greater level of independence. This can come through a combination of tasks where you are fully independent as well as somewhere a carer accompanies you on an errand.

This builds on the platform of independent living inside the home. Carers provide SIL packages as a part of their disability accommodation services and actively look to support the development of greater independence, helping you with jobs and other life matters.

#5. They Support Family Members

Many people living with disabilities will have a family member as their primary caregiver, especially if living in private modified accommodation rather than a shared house. SIL services can be used to support primary carers, ensuring that the individual living with disabilities receives the required level of care. However, this can also extend to respite care for families. It is a very beneficial feature of NDIS care plans.

The primary caregiver will have a chance to take a break while the person living with disabilities will lose any feelings of guilt. Crucially, it creates a sense of balance that supports a better family dynamic rather than an exclusive carer-patient relationship.

#6. Disability Accommodation Services Remove Money Fears

There is no escaping the costs linked to living with a disability. Thousands of people living with disabilities work but still need financial support due to their high living expenses and the cost of ongoing care. Thanks to NDIS funding and disability accommodation services, it is possible to remove the money worries. This is because housing and associated care will be covered directly from the scheme and taken from your annual entitlement.

In turn, this will improve your quality of life in many ways. Firstly, it takes stress out of the equation, which makes a huge difference. Moreover, it enables you to spend less time on admin and more time actively enjoying life. In or out of the NDIS home.

#7. They Offer An Outlet For Growth

Disability accommodation services aren’t only focused on helping you find the right NDIS housing. They also focus heavily on helping people living with disabilities unlock their full potential. The opportunities for social interactions with housemates and carers are a great starting point. However, the opportunities for personal growth extend to many other areas of life including support inside the NDIS accommodation and local settings.

Some of the services you may use include speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and mobility training. You may also receive help that builds skills to start a career or know how to prepare for interviews.

#8. Disability Accommodation Services Help You Belong

Arguably the best thing that disability accommodation services do to improve your life stems from how they change your mindset. Crucially, they give you a sense of belonging and stability that allows you to truly enjoy your life to the max. This is because their ongoing support, along with the rewards of NDIS housing, gives you the perfect platform to build upon. Likewise, loved ones will be far happier with the outcome.

When combined with the community aspects, and consistency provided by Soteria’s team of professional SIL experts, disability accommodation services are truly life-changing. To find out more, get in touch with our friendly team today.