Michael was residing in a hospital for almost a year following a period of being medically unwell. Unable to return home Michael and his family were searching for the right place for him to move to; a place that he could call home. Michael has a significant level of disability; with challenging behaviours and no language skills his support needs were unique.

Many providers assessed Michael, however until Soteria met him no service had the capacity to create a safe home for him. Michael has since been living in is new home for almost a year. He has two staff with him at all times and intensive therapeutic supports in the home each week. Michael is thriving, beginning to take part in day to day routines and even trying to communicate more using the pictures and signs put in place by his speech therapist. His challenging behaviour is becoming less and less, and he has an active and enjoyable life.

Case Study – Michael

Disclaimer: This scenario is an example of the kind of support we provide – it is indicative of a persons story and names and details have changed to support anonymity.