Kelsey is a young woman who has been living in a foster care arrangement since she was in her early adolescence. When her foster care arrangement ended, she began to live a very transient lifestyle and was in and out of hospital as a result of poor mental health. As she continued to be admitted to the mental health ward, it became evident that Kelsey’s intellectual disability and mental health diagnosis meant she was unable to live independently and keep herself safe.

Kelsey managed to get funding for supported independent living and acquired a place in a Soteria group home. Here she lives with other young people and is able to maintain her independence and active social life; but is also supported to keep on top of her medications and build on her independent living skills whilst ensuring she has a safe and secure home to go to each day.

Case Study – Kelsey

Disclaimer: This scenario is an example of the kind of support we provide – it is indicative of a persons story and names and details have changed to support anonymity.